Becoming a saint


This section of the website provides information on the beatification of Cardinal Newman. You will find articles that detail Cardinal Newman's path to sainthood and the impact of the miracle cure that paved the way for his beatification on 19 September.


Newman and Beatification

John Henry Newman was born into an English Protestant world that was, at best, wary of the concept of sainthood. Within the Church of England reverence was p...Read more


Pope approves miracle for Cardinal Newman’s beatification

Pope Benedict XVI today recognised the healing of Deacon Jack Sullivan in 2001 as a miracle resulting from the intercession of the Venerable Servant of God J...Read more

Newman's cause

Deacon Jack Sullivan and Cardinal Newman's cause

Jack Sullivan, a 69-year old Permanent Deacon from Marshfield near Boston, Massachusetts, was suffering from an extremely serious spinal disorder when he fir...Read more