Faith Story

My Faith Story: Liz Dawn

liz dawn

Liz Dawn is a Catholic actress who played Vera Duckworth in the TV soap, Coronation Street, for 34 years.


'My faith means everything to me. The feeling it gives me is everything. The feeling of prayer is a comfort like no other. I have had many tributes given to me in my life. I met Pope John Paul II years ago and it was the highlight of my life. I received an MBE for charity work and it was an honour to be able to raise money for worthy causes…. and I am sure it was because I was raised in the faith. To care about others is a gift from God. The Pope’s Visit will be a blessing for all.’


‘In my heart I’ve always felt blessed and that each of my babies was a gift from God. I’ve never doubted my faith. I’ve always felt God’s presence in my heart. Very especially I’ve always felt my children are gift from God and after each child my heart warmed. God’s given me a good life. This is how God has spoken to my heart.’