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The Papal Visit provides a historic opportunity for Catholic parishes to celebrate and witness to their faith. This section is offered as a help to preparations for local initiatives; they don’t have to be a on great scale, but in the same way that the visit of Pope John Paul II stayed in the mind of those who experienced it, there are things that can be done on a smaller, local level that can make the visit a really memorable moment of renewal for us all. More content will appear in this section as we move towards the Papal visit in September.



Our prayer section is a work in progress and will have the official prayers for the Pope's September 2010 visit. Read more



The Holy Father will speak about many different issues during his stay. In the months before and after his visit the baptised are invited to deepen their kno... Read more



Although the visit will feature in the national media, it is important to promote it at a local level as well.Read more


Local Events

A small proportion of us will be able to be present with the Pope during his visit. For the majority, there are ways of celebrating locally. Read more


Journey of Faith Witness

Speaking about our experiences of God's love and mercy is a powerful way that we can signpost others to God. Read more


Daily Life

There are so many ways in everyday life that we can share our faith. Read more



Faith with out works of charity is empty. We are called as Christians to make the love of Christ manifest through our actions. Read more

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Parish Resources

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